Communicating the reforms is not an easy task. It requires time, plans and creativity. Mostly, it requires reforms to take place in order to be able to communicate them to the wider audience. In this regard, Ukraine is undergoing through the reform path with many difficulties but, nevertheless, step by step it is proving to be successful.

The EU Mission where I work,  supports the development of strategic communications in the government institutions of the civil security sector, assists in development of communication strategies and information campaigns and conducts trainings for heads, speakers and press secretaries.

As EUAM strategic communications advisor Luciano Scambiato Licciardi explains: “The communication of the reforms is as important as its implementation. If you don’t inform citizens about the changes and why change is needed, you shouldn’t expect the support and trust of the public.”

In 2017, the Mission organised about 30 communication trainings in seven regions of Ukraine for 604 civil servants. In addition, the representatives of the State Border Guard Service and the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine had an opportunity to get acquainted with the work of Estonian government communication experts during a study visit to Tallinn.

More than 160 representatives of the Ukrainian government and public organisations, communication experts, civil servants and journalists came to Kyiv in May 2017 for the first EUAM strategic communications conference, ‘Paradigm shifts in government communications’.



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