Women in power or empowering women… does make any difference if you had the bad luck to watch “Let’s discuss it on Saturday” (Parliamone Sabato), an Italian TV program aired last Saturday 19 March. The topic of the talk show: why Italian men had good reason to choose east European women over Italian ones.

I had the courage to watch it on replay but now it is not available anymore, likely. The TV host, a woman, commented laughing over two male guests talking “oh, it seems a bar conversation”. The shocking part has yet to come: the other guests (WOMEN) exploiting other women, confirming stereotypes and using the word WOMAN inappropriately. 

Other guests? Italian men that have met easter European women (also guests) through agencies and now in love. When I first saw the headline I thought that the main topic would be to discuss about the human trafficking of woman or how the women’s body is instrumentally used. Well, No. Even the Ukrainian woman invited there, now in love with the Italian man confirmed any kind of worst stereotype. For example, “I stay at home in miniskirt as my father has taught me” or “Easter European women do not complain much about their husbands and forgive betrayal/unfaithfulness”.

The people from media and social platform erupted against the program and, on Monday, talian state television RAI director general said the Saturday afternoon show “undoubtedly contradicted” RAI’s values, while Andrea Fabiano, head of the RAI 1 channel that broadcasts the program, offered his “sincere apologies for what happened.”

Thousands of women from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania and other eastern European countries have migrated to Italy over the last 20 years, often working as domestic helpers. Many have married Italian men others….have married Italian men through on line agencies.

Why not air the program on the 8th of March to mark the International Women’s Day? It would have been the worst gift ever to millions of women fighting every day to conquer equal rights.

TV cannot do everything, especially if it’s a state owned one. RAI has been bold to cancel such program.

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